Confessions of a failed blogger: The cliché but obligatory post upon returning to blogging


This whole writing thing is hard.

It’s not the actual writing that’s difficult. I don’t mean to insult anyone by suggesting that writing is easy. We all know that craft and time that good writing takes. But I can sit down and crank out a few hundred words without too much drama.

But writing this blog? Well, that was hard. And I’ve been gone for several months. My writing challenge to myself is a slightly-less-epic bust .

I’d like to avoid a stereotypical “confessions of a failed blogger” post, especially since I encourage my own students to avoid cliche. But I do think I need to get this explanation out of the way, because enough things have built up in my head over the last few weeks to get me to actually begin writing again.

So what went wrong? What kept me from weekly updates?

  1. “Professional” writing. Most of my summer writing time went toward producing copy for a well-known “content producer.” Chuckle if you must, but I got paid. Not a ton of money, but enough to make me wonder why I was spending the time writing for my own blog when I could actually be paid for writing. Thus I spent less time writing my own stuff.
  2. I read a ton this summer. I read a lot of the books that have stacked up in the corner of my bookshelf. Key titles consumed include Diane Ravitch’s Death and Life of the Great American School System, Three Cups of Tea, and a few other goodies. And yes, I’m now reading The Shallows. More on this and other books later. I just wanted to take the time for myself to read. And I enjoyed it.
  3. Parenting. Gee, this whole parenting thing is hard. Whodathunkit?

So, that’s where I’ve been. And the whole time this blog has been here, hanging over my head, silently reminding me that I need to get back on this horse. I’ll likely write a bit more about each of these topics over the next few weeks.

My apologies to my two or three regular readers who may have missed me and not known what I was doing.


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a failed blogger: The cliché but obligatory post upon returning to blogging

  1. Ted, I just run across your blog less than a week ago but, please, include me among your two or three regular readers.

    Reading the post above, I’ve thought your words were mine! =:O) May it be that our words in a blog scare readers away!? May it be that we feel it isn’t worthwhile feeding our blogs when we see we don’t get comments!?

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