Would you stay 20 innings? 20 ways to decide


(Chad Davis/Flickr/CC-A-SA)

In honor of Saturday night’s 20-inning marathon between the Mets and the Cardinals, the guys at YES put up a poll during the Sunday afternoon broadcast.

Question: Would you stay for a 20-inning game?

I’d like to say yes without hesitation. But honestly, there are several factors involved.

So, here are 20 questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to remain for a 20-inning game.

  1. Are we still here because of the teams’ skill or because of their ineptitude?
  2. Can I talk them into reopening the beer stands?
  3. How long a drive do I have home?
  4. How much am I willing to pay the babysitter?
  5. If the concessions are closed, can I subsist on the calories I ingested earlier in the game?
  6. Do I enjoy earning a salary?
  7. Do I grasp the significance of a 20-inning game?
  8. How many times has the PA system played Rick Astley?
  9. Can my bladder make it until the bottom of the inning?
  10. Are there enough people in my life I can brag on for having stayed 20 innings?
  11. Am I sitting in one of the dugouts?
  12. Do I have an ownership interest in the team?
  13. Is my name Omar Minaya?
  14. Are the restroom attendants too busy watching the drama to deal with the overflowing toilets?
  15. Do I turn into a werewolf every full moon?
  16. Does my ride turn into a pumpkin at midnight?
  17. If I’m in the upper deck, is there enough oxygen at this altitude for me to remain another inning?
  18. Is my voice too hoarse to cheer / heckle / insult the players / manger / umps / fans?
  19. Have the ushers mentioned a “security escort” to me?
  20. Do I believe that eventually the manager will ask for volunteers to pitch an inning?

One thought on “Would you stay 20 innings? 20 ways to decide

  1. My staying at such a game would depend on certain factors, the primary one being what time the game started. This was a 3 p.m. CDT start, so no biggie. But if it were an 8 p.m. start? No thank you.

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