Congratulations. Your tweet’s in the Library of Congress.

As if there was any doubt what you post on the Internet doesn’t ever go away.  The Library of Congress announced today they will be archiving every tweet ever sent since Twitter’s start in March 2006.

And it’s not just tweets about your ex the LOC wants:

So if you think the Library of Congress is “just books,” think of this: The Library has been collecting materials from the web since it began harvesting congressional and presidential campaign websites in 2000. Today we hold more than 167 terabytes of web-based information, including legal blogs, websites of candidates for national office, and websites of Members of Congress.

Creepy?  No more so than the Internet Archive, which has been doing the same thing since 1996.

So boys and girls, think twice before you hit that send button.  It’s going to the Library.

Thanks to BoingBoing


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