Post ratings


Change is in the air.

I’ve bought a domain name.  Played with the design of the site a bit.

Now, in yet another effort to make this site a bit more interactive, I’ve added ratings to each posts.  Now, when you’re done reading a post, if you don’t want to take the time to write a comment, you can let me know how you feel by rating the post from one to five stars.  This works anonymously — I can’t see who rated what.

Why have I done this?  After three months of writing, I seem to be settling into a groove here.  The writing I’m doing falls into a few broad categories:

  • personal essay
  • stuff with a literary bent
  • food writing
  • teaching
  • writing
  • news analysis / commentary

Of course, these categories aren’t mutually exclusive.  Often I’m weaving a few of them together, as I did in this post.  You get the idea.

I’d like to give you guys more of what you’d like to see here in the weeks ahead.  But I can’t really tell what you, my regular readers, enjoy.  So I’d like to know.

And post ratings are one way that can help.  If you really hate something I wrote, don’t just ignore it.  Rate it!

I don’t promise to change much of anything based on the feedback of the anonymous masses, but I’ll listen.


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