Time for a new domain

Suit up


Well, I did it.  Took the plunge and bought a top level domain for myself.

Why?  Because it took me too long to tell people the name of my website.

And ego.  I guess ego had a little bit to do with it as well.

So now, when you tell people about the cool things you read on this site, you can say you read them at:


Speak kindly of me when you say it.  More good things to come.


4 thoughts on “Time for a new domain

  1. hey! I think it’s certainly a big statement about how serious you are, it sounds like you’ve been doing a fair bit of work into how you can get your blog up and out there in a bigger way… I think your new domain will help with that.
    well done 🙂

    • Thanks. It seems like such a little thing, but I do think having your own domain makes a big difference to some people — perhaps not the people who will read in depth here, but they can help me reach others who might.

  2. Haven’t been on your blog for a while; I have some catching up to do!
    But the domain is definitely a sign you’re stepping up your blogging/online writing game. And it’s a stinging reminder that I need to clean up, update, and reskin my blog on my own website.

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