No comments?

I’m intrigued by the suggestion made in this post “21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic“:

Launch Without Comments (and Add Them Later)
There’s something sad about a blog with 0 comments on every post. It feels dead, empty and unpopular. Luckily, there’s an easy solution – don’t offer the ability to post comments on the blog and no one will know that you only get 20 uniques a day. Once you’re upwards of 100 RSS subscribers and/or 750 unique visitors per day, you can open up the comments and see light activity. Comments are often how tech-savvy new visitors judge the popularity of a site (and thus, its worth), so play to your strengths and keep your obscurity private.

What you you guys think about that?  What about only selectively allowing comments on specific posts?


3 thoughts on “No comments?

  1. Hmmm… 750 unique visitors per day?

    My best day ever was 183. If I ditch comments until I hit 750 I won’t be hearing from anyone for quite a long while, I suspect.

    I’d keep ’em open, Ted. I’m rather skeptical about strategies like this one.

  2. Don’t think I could live without comments.
    Part of the function of a good blog is opening up conversation. 2.0, and all that crap: feeding back into the loop. By cutting out comments, you’d cut out a whole lot of fun!

  3. I basically agree with both of you, and yet I’m still intrigued. If part of what I want to do with this site requires me to build a decent-sized audience, then I need to consider ways that aspects of this site might “tell” a person to move on. The author of that post suggests one method. Might work. And yet I do think that for a site that’s only been up a few months and with the sort of writing I’m doing here, I’m doing okay.

    Plus I’d hear less from you guys if I closed up comments. That would be sad.

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