Final Four picks: My 4-year old picks Duke to win it all

So Tuesday, my oldest daughter made her pick to win it all.

It’s Duke.  A sensible pick, the 7-5 favorite to win out.  I guess she likes to roll with the book.

Now, before you accuse me of turning my children into degenerate gamblers, please allow me to explain that no money was wagered by my child.  I think she’s got a few coins in her piggy bank, but the sports book at the Mirage does have a minimum bet requirement.

Duke #31

Quiz time! How many blocks did the wearer of this jersey have in total his senior season? I'll write one guest blog post for the first person to post the correct answer in my comments section. (Acme401/Flickr/CC-A-SA)

No, this was simply a contest at our local grocery store, where they have a set of four boxes set up.  Put your receipt into one of them.  They draw one from the winning box.  The winner gets a prize.

Lest anyone doubt we took this seriously, she did keep half an eye on all of the games this weekend, managing to fit them in between tea parties (the kind with the stuffed animals made by Gund), several readings of Harry and the Terrible Whatzit and an episode of Dora the Explorer.  So she had ample opportunity to scout the teams.

Furthermore, as we approached the boxes, I took the time to remind her what each one of the boxes represented.  I referred to the uniform colors of the various teams as a way of helping her recall.

She calmly took the receipt, thought about it for a moment, then without any hesitation walked up to the box marked “Duke” and dropped in the receipt.

A guy next to her holding a case of Milwaukee’s Best raised his eyebrows questioningly at her pick, before choosing Butler for himself.  He wanted to engage me in a conversation of the relative merits of the two teams, but I had to leave quickly since Audrey was getting ready to jump in all the puddles of the parking lot.

Back in the car, I questioned her on her choice of the Blue Devils.

“Audrey,” I asked, “why did you pick Duke?”

“I want Duke to win because I want them to win,” she replied.

“That’s a material fallacy,” I replied.  “Are there any other reasons you picked them?”  And I attempted to walk her through improved reasons for picking Duke, such as the cheerleaders, the mascots, or the overall color scheme of the school’s athletic program.

“Ah ha.  Daddy, it’s not a very nice day out.”  That was all.

I suppose I should take some solace in the fact that her reasons for picking Duke are at least as sound as many of those who picked Duke to win it all.

If Duke wins, and they draw her receipt out of the box, the prize is a 19″ TV.  Will I then be obliged to put it in her room?

Not sure who I’ll be cheering for this weekend.


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