You must read: NY Times compares Spike and Lifetime

Person kicking a television


The first in an irregular series of postings recommending things to read on and off-line.

I’m guilty of watching both channels at times, so I can’t criticize too strongly.  Yet Neil Genzlinger’s article on Spike and Lifetime in today’s New York Times is a riot.  Pointing out that while television is a “land of opposites” (e.g. Travel Channel is the opposite of HSN because one encourages activity while the other passivity), Spike and Lifetime are the two most diametrically opposed channels on television.  Since the target audiences of each are so clear, Genzlinger posits that comparing the two might yield insight into the heretofore inscrutable desires of the two sexes.

Hilarity ensues in contrasting the two, which admittedly is pretty easy.

Be sure to check out the multimedia goodies the Times throws in, where three photos from each channel tell the story in as much detail as the Grey Lady can permit (given Spike’s interest in, shall we say, the physical things).

And if you’re inspired to sit back and watch a little streaming television, fear not as both networks have thoughtfully supplied much online entertainment for you.

Lifetime’s site has tons of content, including full video episodes and clips of both their original content and some syndicated stuff (including full episodes of one of my favorite shows, How I Met Your Mother.  If you really want some fun, play the Project Runway fantasy game.

And if you’re more inclined towards videos of women falling off stripper poles, has the stuff for you. In addition to full episodes of some of the original shows mentioned in the article (including 1000 Ways to Die), has a lot of clips, web-only content, and games I won’t describe in any more detail here.


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